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Talen Energy successfully uses MHT’s rope access services

MHT Access Services Inc. focuses on both inspection and maintenance repair. To create added value and synergy between these two distinct services, MHT utilizes its own multi skilled rope access teams. This value-added approach along with its quality service positions MHT as a leader among service providers.Operations and maintenance managers of both on and offshore facilities recognize MHT as the “easy button, value-added” service provider. MHT’s “easy button, value-added” ap
proach eases the budgeting pains and reduces the production and safety concerns that facility managers and engineers feel when faced with urgent mechanical integrity issues.

Developed over the past few decades, rope access has quickly become established across the U.S. energy, civil engineering and construction sectors as a best practice. Whether used in conjunction with other access and lifting methods or on its own, rope access has proven to be a safe and highly efficient means of assisting the most challenging of tasks, large or small. MHT has perfected rope access services and proves this with its continual success and customer satisfaction.

An example of MHT’s customer satisfaction due to quality service is found at “Talen Energy’s Brunner Island Steam Electric Station. After seven years of service, Brunner Island had leaking limestone slurry in its piping due to corrosion. The critical project was going involve 12- and 16-inch rubber-lined steel piping spanning 330 total feet. With this large project necessary for the plants processes, a reliable service company was needed to complete the labor.

In this time of need, Brunner Island Plant Engineer Charles Anthony prepared material and labor-bid specifications conclusively determining the piping work could be done without scaffolfding. The decision was made to use rope access, because it is safer than using scaffolding. Aside from the safety factor, rope access also allows for work to be done at almost any angle needed during a project. Having the ability to use rope access methods also cuts down on the cost of a project due it being much more cost-effective than scaffolding .With all of these factors, rope access was an obvious choice for Anthony.

For the project, Anthony sought rope access vendors that specialized in a aerial work on offshore oil rigs and awarded the labor to MHT. He knew of MHT’s focus on quality inspections and maintenance repair, as well as MHT’s utilization of its own multiskilled rope access teams. With MHT’s competitive pricing and track record of quality service, Anthony was able to save money for his company while also receiving the quality service need for the crucial project.
“MHT took the time to understand the work scope during the bidding process and successfully accomplished the job by carefully evaluating each and every rigging aspect,” Anthony said. “The job MHT completed for us was better performed through rope access than by traditional means using scaffolding and other craft trades. We will keep MHT in mind for future work opportunities.”

MHT safely rigged 120 pipes sections to replace the sections that were corroded and leaking. The amount of piping used equated to nearly 80,000 pounds of total load. Not only did MHT provide quality labor but the project was also finished ahead of schedule and completed under budget.

MHT’s innovative work method has proven to be effective for certain applications usually involving traditional scaffolding, MHT’s value-added approach has established the company as a leader among on and offshore service providers.

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