Service Benefits

Services - Rope Access

Service Benefits

Risk and Reliability managers agree that MHT’s approach to service methods greatly reduce the broad set of risk exposures that are commonly associated with:

  • Construction and dismantling of traditional tubular scaffoldings.
  • Postponing of inspection or maintenance until a scheduled turnaround or outage.
  • Unplanned thermal cycling of equipment to complete some critical work.
  • Contracting of multiple services companies in solving inspection and remedial action requirements.

MHT rope access methods are confirmed by an unimpeachable safety record. MHT has worked thousands of hours without recording any lost time injury. MHT access methods follow the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians guidelines and exceed current OSHA standards.

Increased Efficiency

MHT’s expert multi-disciplined teams deliver a high quality “easy button” solution no matter how urgent or challenging the problem. Reduced project cycle times, earlier fault detection and reduced reliance on scaffolding are just a few of the significant efficiencies gained via MHT.

Reduced Costs

MHT’s “high maneuverability expert teams” smoothly and safely access the workface and perform the specialized job tasks. This smart lower risk approach, using fewer people, greatly reduces the labor costs of traditional work methods. An MHT team can often achieve, in a few man-hours, what other companies need weeks to achieve.

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