Work Site Access Options

Services - Rope Access

Work Site Access Options

When it comes to the selection of a safe and cost effective means of accessing work sites at height, all options need to be considered as to the work scope requirements. Each project has a variety of specific considerations and needs: safety, cost, productivity, personnel (number of personnel, skills, trades, qualifications and certifications), equipment, tools, materials, access / egress, and intrusiveness to other plant operations, etc.

  • Rapid Deployment in a Broad Range of Areas
  • Minimal Disruption to Facility Operations
  • Less Exposure to Risks / Increased Safety
  • Multi-Disciplined Personnel
  • Reduced Man Hours
  • Reduced Scaffolding Costs
  • Install engineered anchor points

Wide Spectrum of Work Scopes

In addition to a range of inspection services, multi-skilled MHT teams routinely complete a variety of specialized services. Job access using MHT experts makes economic sense - it can be executed in restricted space or where access by conventional methods is unavailable.

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