Phased Array Ultrasound Testing (PAUT)

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Phased Array Ultrasound Testing (PAUT)

Phased Array Ultrasound Testing (PAUT) is one of the most versatile inspections within any industry sector today. PAUT produces accurate and detailed imaging of any component or material sound can travel through. With the introduction of new scan techniques and algorithms, such as, Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Total Focus Method (TFM), ultrasound testing will be able to enhance the quality, sensitivity, and resolution of many inspections today.

PAUT can be used in various modes such as, manual, manual encoded, semi-automated, fully-automated, immersion, and inline to fit any application required. Any form of encoded scanning will offer accurate sizing of damage mechanisms and improve sensitivity and repeatability of the inspection. Automated PAUT corrosion mapping covers a large area with greater resolution and faster results than standard AUT. Girth weld inspections are made easier when performing with a single pass around the pipe using multi-group set ups of PAUT probes along with Time of Flight Diffraction probes to capture all zones. Below are some of the many applications which PAUT can be performed. Contact MHT so we can help create a solution for any application needs you may have.


Tank and Piping Corrosion Mapping
Girth Welds and Vessel Weld Inspection
Space Exploration
Bridges and Bolt Inspections

Codes which PAUT is accepted:

Bridges and Bolt Inspections
ASME Code Case 179
ASME Code Case 168
ASME Code Case N-659
ASME Code N-713
API 620/650 App. U
ASME Sec. V Mandatory Appendixes

How Does It Benefit The Client:

Expedites going On-line by reducing scan times and field hours
Simplifies complicated scans of difficult geometries
Provides extensive data points to improve calls for repairs and planning