Guided Wave

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Guided Wave (GW)

Guided wave ultrasonic testing detects corrosion damage and other defects over long 33 ft – 165 ft distances in piping. A special tool (transducer ring) is clamped around the pipe and transmits guided waves in both directions along the pipe. Reflected signals from defects and pipe features such as welds are received by the transducer ring and sent to the main unit.


1. Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
2. Corrosion Under Supports (CUPS)
3. Tank floors and walls


1. Inspects difficult to access components without insulation removal
2. Portable, battery powered equipment
3. Sophisticated software routines help identify and classify pipe signals
4. Rigorous operator training and certification with individual electronic keys which activate the system and track its use by each operator
5. Embedded reporting software allows the operator to analyze the results and produce a report on the spot