MHT is strongly committed to Safety and regards Safety as the number one, most important Core Value. In addition to relevant industry standard safety training, all MHT Rope Access Technicians are certified by the Society for the Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) “Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work.”

All work performed by MHT follows SPRAT “Safe Practices for Rope Access Work.” Each day before work begins all employees take part in a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), perform work site walk downs and have a full understanding of the job assignment and the hazards associated with performing the job including Daily Job Debriefs.

Rope Access methods inherently reduce safety risks. Rope Access Technicians are multi-disciplined, and both access the work face and perform the work scope, thus reducing the man hours vs risks equation. Smaller work teams minimize disruption to other operations and crew which also reduces risks.

MHT Rope Access methods are confirmed by its impeccable safety record. Since MHT’s inception, our technicians have worked flawlessly with ZERO OSHA RECORDABLE INCIDENTS.

Our expert field supervisors provide a complete written “Rope Access Work Plan” before any project begins, in order to collaborate with our clients regarding job safety, access methods and work completion schedule.