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Inspection, Maintenance, Repair Company is ‘Total Package’

Performing United States Coast Guard required inspections is something every platform must complete every two to four years depending on the type of inspection. Inspections can sometimes require multiple service companies to complete the task — one company to set-up the scaffold, another company to perform the inspection and yet another to fix any flaws. However, MHT Access can do all of this on ropes.

MHT recently performed inspections on the tension leg well platform, Green Canyon (GC) 184 Jolliet Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Types I, II and IV inspections were performed which required visual, eddy current, magnetic particle, ultrasonic thickness and weld flaw testing. Instead of taking days to setup scaffolding, MHT went right to work with its men utilizing rope access techniques and procedures. The survey documented damage and corrosion, issues which were electronically sent to an inspection-engineering firm in California. MHT Access’ Senior Inspection Rope Access Supervisor, Norman Kraatz, said, “Not only do we locate issues that need immediate attention, we filter the information to the engineers and they make the decision on whether or not remedial action is required and we can make the repair(s).”

The company performed many repairs to the platform including welding, painting and replacing a beacon light on the flare tower just to name a few. Kraatz said, “Using men on ropes is cost and time effective. A job that takes three days to complete with scaffolding takes us 20 minutes.”

However the maintenance manager realized there was only a small time frame to perform the inspection since access to the flare would not be available during the initial shutdown of the facility and during the startup which drastically reduced the 35 day window.” The facility needed a safe and efficient means to perform this inspection as an alternative to the time and cost associated with erecting scaffold, inspecting the flare and dismantling the scaffolding with in the reduced time frame,” the maintenance manager said. To accomplish this task, the facility decided to call on the experience of MHT Access.

David Hudnall, the offshore installation manager for Green Canyon 184 platform, uses MHT Access because of its exceptional work and expertise. MHT provides rope access from the waterline to the top of the platform and inspects the platform for structural integrity. Hudnall said, “MHT Access is the total package. There isn’t a job the company can’t do. MHT goes straight to work once they arrive and they work in a timely and safe manner.” Hudnall said MHT is separated from the rest by its level of professionalism, timeliness and one of the few service providers that also have American Bureau of Shipping certified welders. “I would give MHT an A+. The company goes above and beyond of what is asked of it. MHT offers cutting edge technology and a great safety record.”

Keith Normand, barge supervisor for Greystar contracted to MC Offshore Petroleum, first began using MHT Access because of the services and products MHT had available. MC Offshore Petroleum had to complete a hull inspection required by the United States Coast Guard. During the inspection, MHT looked for flaws in the metal and welds and to see if any of those flaws will affect the integrity of the platform.

Normand said, “MHT’s people had an exceptional attitude and got to the job right away. They excelled in helping on all parts of the job.”

MHT is also cost effective, according to Normand. “A job that normally takes two to three companies, MHT can do all by itself. We would normally have to use scaffolding and ladders to complete the inspection, which can be dangerous, but MHT uses men on ropes to complete the job. I would recommend MHT because of the company’s personnel and excellent product.”