Customer Testimonials

When faced with urgent or challenging mechanical integrity issues many energy companies select MHT to help solve their problems.


We were very pleased with MHT’s performance on this project. The project was completed on time and within budget. We can say that the utilization of rope access certainly has its advantages from a time and cost standpoint over scaffolding.

-Maintenance Manager
Geismar, LA Facility

MHT did a great job for us. The adherence to time and costs were certainly a positive for the facility. Utilization of rope access for this project opened our eyes to the possibilities for other in-plant projects where we could realize time and cost savings.

-Maintenance Manager
Geismar, LA Facility

Within our four week outage scope we could not have inspected all that we did in that time frame with scaffold. I don’t even want to guesstimate how long it would have taken to build scaffold in all of those areas. It would not have been done.

-Plant Superintendant
Platte Generation Station (PGS)

I think [rope access] is the best way to inspect the hangers due to the fact that the inspectors can get up close and personal. With rope access we are able to kill two birds with one stone because we can get up there to see where the setting is and, at the same time, make necessary adjustments or repairs. Rope Access is the most cost-effective way to inspect [interior welds].

-Maintenance Manager
Geismar, LA Facility

MHT goes above and beyond. They were willing to look at difficult technical problems and come up with solutions. For many of the projects they have worked on, we had to build very large scaffolding with a limited budget. The real value of using [MHT Access Services] is that when they are up against a problem, they don’t throw up their hands and say, ‘We can’t do it.’ They look at alternatives and let us know what can be done. I recommend the company very highly.

-Materials QC Evaluations and Testing Manager

Throughout the job, [MHT] kept us well informed and ensured safety was an important part of every task. They were positive and informative and answered all of our questions. They furnished reports that showed what they had done and where they were going. They had safety meetings each day to review the scope of work and how it would be performed. We actually had them develop specifications for the new hangers that we purchased based on existing drawings. They did everything in a professional and safe manner.

-Maintenance Manager

We had been working with an outside contractor on some of our high energy piping. They determined that some of the hangers needed to be replaced. The contractor suggested we consider MHT Access because it had used them in the past and it worked out very well in terms of quality and cost.

-Maintenance Manager

MHT’s people had an exceptional attitude and got to the job right away. They excelled in helping on all parts of the job. A job that normally takes two to three companies, MHT can do all by itself. We would normally have to use scaffolding and ladders to complete the inspection, which can be dangerous, but MHT uses men on ropes to complete the job. I would recommend MHT because of the company’s personnel and excellent product.

-Barge Supervisor
Greystar contracted to MC Offshore Petroleum

Some MHT clients include


NRG Energy


Enterprise Offshore

AES Corp

Evergy Energy

Phillips 66



Talen Energy

APS - Arizona Public Service

Xcel Energy