Rope Access

Rope Access Services

Rope Access

Developed during the past few decades, rope access has quickly become established across the US Energy, Civil Engineering and Construction sectors as a “Best Practice.”

Teams and Personnel

The key to a successful project lies in the deployment and use of a skilled project team with appropriate experience in rope access services.

Rope Access Training & Certification

MHT places great importance upon the training and the certification of personnel. All MHT personnel undergo formal training and are certified by outside authorities in accordance with the performance standards defined by the certification or licensing authorities.

At Height Access Options

General Inspection and NDT; Maintenance / Repair; Construction and Internal Access and Difficult Entry.

Wide Spectrum of Work Tasks

In addition to a range of inspection services, multi-skilled MHT alliance teams routinely complete a variety of specialist coating and insulating tasks.

Service Benefits

Increased Safety – Increased Efficiency – Reduced Costs

Cost Comparisons

Case Study on Rope Access Techniques for CUI Inspection



MHT technicians performing different rope access services