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Pipe Support Maintenance

Aging Pipe Supports

When aging plants and facilities have degradation of pipe supports, the consequences can be catastrophic. As springs or rigid supports corrode, coils become fatigued or collapse, the loss of support integrity no longer carries the weight of piping for which it was designed. Lines sag, lose proper slopes and transfer the weight into surrounding equipment and nozzles.

The strain of such weight transfers can induce forces and movements, overstress piping and equipment. Stress corrosion and creep can cause failure of components, induce flow problems and severely impair the working conditions of the systems. Periodic audits of B31.1 Power Piping and associated supports are now part of the Code’s requirements to maintain and effect proper conditions or environs in Power and Process Plants.

Innovative MHT Approach to pipe support Driven by Client Needs

Close up of pipe support spring adjustments at an industrial plantAs process equipment ages, energy companies have out of necessity, demanded cost cutting innovation in the approach to inspection and repair work. One such innovation is the evolution of some remarkable abseiling techniques to provide access to the potential trouble spots.

These techniques provide safe and immediate access to difficult or challenging locations, while at the same time they offer additional measurable incentives for facility managers. Utilizing rope access techniques and procedure virtually eliminates the cost associated with scaffolding.

The advantages of using industrial abseiling to help tackle IMR issues have long been recognized off-shore.

Through the use of MHT, a specialist rope access inspection and maintenance company, these advantages are now available to downstream on-shore process facilities.

The advantages are impressive and make a compelling business case for utilizing MHT, here are just a few:

Improved Safety With MHT Pipe Support Techniques

Lower risk exposure numbers across the board. In most cases temporary access platforms (scaffold or other) and their associated costs and hazards are eliminated.

MHT Pipe Support Solutions are Rapid and efficient

Reduced problem identification / mitigation cycle. This can impact upon reliability and operational safety.

Higher Productivity With Pipe Support From MHT 

Multi-crafted worker teams mean lower costs. Fewer workers to conduct and sustain a IMR program.

MHT’s Pipe Support Package Outlined

Purpose of the pipe support package approach:

Old worn pipes suspended high up at an industrial plant in need of pipe inspectionMHT removes the pain for plant managers – no more difficulties regarding planning, scheduling, scaffolding, skilled manpower, to inspect and maintain high energy piping support systems.

Piping Support Program (PSP) Criteria:

We have designed to be customizable, flexible and sustainable. MHT can tailor PSP services to dovetail into your existing reliability inspection or maintenance programs.

MHT can provide a total service that includes:

  • PSP – Overall Philosophy, Training Seminars, Systems and Schedules.
  • On site managers, PSP supervisors and inspectors / repair technicians who employ the latest technologies to tackle the problems of Piping Support Systems.
  • PSP awareness training for your site operators – to improve reporting and insulation condition monitoring.
  • Inspection – High Energy Piping Support Systems.
  • General Maintenance and Repair – Calibrates springs and hangers to the designed load. Replacement of damage springs and rods.
  • Piping stress analysis.

Added Value of MHT’s Pipe Support Program

  • Eliminate the worry of postponed inspections and limited Preventative Maintenance budget.
  • No inspection data missed.
  • Up-close and personal inspections.
  • No more remote visual inspection using binoculars.
  • Simultaneous inspections and hanger adjustments.
  • 100% coverage for a fraction of the traditional cost.
  • Virtually eliminates construction and dismantling of scaffolding.

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