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Save Time & Money with MHT Rope Access Services

Rope Access company saves Louisiana facility time, money

MHT Access technician performing a non-destructive inspection on a flare stack.Houston Based MHT Access Services Inc. provides innovative solutions for industrial inspection, maintenance and repair. To facilitate its core services of NDT inspection, the company incorporated rope access services.

Over time, this new service created an independent, highly efficient, integrated and multi-disciplined team that offers customers a comprehensive range of services, including construction maintenance and repair work task, especially at height and difficult-to-access locations.

According to Howard Wall, general manager of MHT, rope access usually doesn’t require the clients to scaffold out the project, which saves the client time and money.

Other cost saving benefits of rope access include: Increased efficiency by utilizing multi-disciplined teams. Multi-disciplined teams provide reduced cost by both access to the work site and performing work scopes. Increased safety by utilizing minimal work teams and less personnel teams and personnel exposure risk and minimal disruption to other operations and crew.

MHT rope access specialist suspended by ropes doing a flare stack inspection.Recently a large Geismar, La. Facility plans to inspect the internal flare annulus, support bracing and various components of a 260-foot smokeless flare stack, during a planned 35 day maintenance outage.

However the maintenance manager realized there was only a small time frame to perform the inspection since access to the flare would not be available during the initial shutdown of the facility and during the startup which drastically reduced the 35 day window.” The facility needed a safe and efficient means to perform this inspection as an alternative to the time and cost associated with erecting scaffold, inspecting the flare and dismantling the scaffolding with in the reduced time frame,” the maintenance manager said. To accomplish this task, the facility decided to call on the experience of MHT Access.

Mr. Wall sent a four-man team, and they were able to complete the inspection in two days via rope access techniques, which the maintenance manager said was well above average when compared to the factor of conventional methods. MHT Access also performed the inspection without any first aids or OSHA recordables.

MHT rope access expert hanging on the side of a flare stack while doing a flare stack inspection“We were very pleased with MHT’s performance on this project,” the maintenance manager said.
The project was completed on time and within budget. We can say that the utilization of rope access certainly has its advantages from a time and cost stand point over scaffolding. “Wall said this company went into the project prepared to perform the physical disciplines of all the inspections i.e.: ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection and visual inspection, which include photographic and/or video documentation.

However, only the visual and ultrasonic inspections were required on the project. Additionally, as a preparedness measure, the work scope called for rope access using self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) and also called for welding if damage was encountered on the internal bracing. At the end of the project, MHT supplied the facility with a report that included digital photos of the inspection. Overall, the maintenance manager was very pleased with the results seen from MHT Access. “MHT did a great job for us.”

“The adherence to time and costs were certainly a positive for the facility,” the maintenance manager said. “Utilization of rope access for this project opened our eyes to the possibilities for other in-plant projects where we could realize time and cost savings,”