Above & Beyond

MHT Access Services Goes Above & Beyond with NDT inspections

Rope access provider goes “above and beyond’ for industry.

Team of 2 MHT rope access specialists doing offshore NDT inspections while hanging over water by ropes.MHT Access Services, based in Houston, provides innovative solutions for industrial inspection, maintenance and repair. MHT’s core service is NDT inspection. To facilitate its services, the company incorporated rope access as an additional service, and has since established itself as a leading provider of rope access services. Over time, this has created and independent, highly efficient, integrated and multi-disciplined team that offers the customer a comprehensive range of services, including construction and maintenance and repair work task, especially in high and difficult-to-access locations.

Because MHT’s personnel are multi-disciplined, the company can work cost-effectively and with fewer workers. This means minimal disruption to other operations and crews, as well as less exposure to risk. Dynegy calls on MHT Access Services for its rope access capabilities.

Offshore oil platform that MHT Access Services performed offshore oil rig inspection, maintenance, and repair on.According to Jim Yagen, materials QC evaluations and testing manager for Dynegy, “MHT goes above and beyond,” he continued. “They were willing to look at difficult technical problems and come up with solutions. For many of the projects they have worked on, we had to build very large scaffolding with a limited budget.”

“The real value of using [MHT Access Services] is that when they are up against a problem, they don’t throw up their hands and say,” We can’t do it.” They look at alternatives and let us know what can be done. “I recommend the company very highly.” Yagen concluded.

Another recommendation for MHT Access Services comes from Bill Hart, an engineering technician for ExxonMobil Pipeline in Sunset, La. Their relationship with MHT Access Services began when the company was still called OUI in 2000. “They perform services for offshore jobs such as rope access, installing clock springs, and above-water riser-piping inspection, including UT and radiography,” Hart said. “Their performance is very good.”

MHT rope access technicians performing at height work using rope access techniques.Rope access is fairly new in this part of the country, and MHT Access Services performs everything to my satisfaction. And, they work safe. Landriault chose MHT Access Services and its staff because of their tools, especially the rope access capabilities. “They were fast and efficient. They knew what they doing, and they will tell you if they can’t do something.” he continued.

“They don’t try to do something out of the ordinary just to make a sale. And, Howard is easy to work with, I am confident with their work,” Landriult concluded.